What a difference a month makes!

What a difference a month makes!

One month ago today, Estes Park experienced a deluge of enormous proportions.  Nearly two and half weeks later, the crown jewel of Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park, was closed.  Despite these two devastating blows, this resilient town has stood strong.  It is truly the tenacious mountain spirit that has overcome these giant obstacles. 

Brownfield's has been blessed with incredible support from locals, front range folks, and out-of-town friends.  The amount of people who have proudly proclaimed their support of Estes Park has been inspiring.  We are extraordinarily grateful for all of those who have traveled near and far to visit us.  We appreciate every online purchase made in support of Brownfield's.  We are humbled by all of the locals generously giving their business back to the community. 

We invite you to watch the people of Estes Park change these setbacks into comebacks.  Estes Park's best days are ahead.  For all that has been accomplished in one short month, we say, "Thank you!"


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