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CDOT gives U.S. 34 presentation to Estes Valley Partners for Commerce

Daniel West

POSTED:   04/27/2018 01:26:12 PM MDT

Representatives of the Colorado Department of Transportation gave a presentation to the Estes Valley Partners for Commerce at its member dinner Thursday, April 27, on the U.S. 34 construction project.

U.S. 34 Big Thompson Project Director James Usher gave a presentation and announced that the road would reopen Thursday, May 24, for the weekend prior to Memorial Day. He also reiterated that there will be no third closure of U.S. 34.

Usher gave some background on the damage the road suffered in the 2013 flood and elaborated on different techniques being used to increase the road's “resiliency.”

Usher did say that further work on paving sections of U.S. 34 would continue this summer. However, he said that work would only take place during week days and not nights or weekends. Construction crews are currently working to get as much paving done before the road is scheduled to reopen.

Thank You for Supporting Brownfield's May 26 2017, 0 Comments

We had a record turn-out for our Opening Night celebration on Thursday, May 25, 2017.  We want to thank everyone who shopped in the store and online.  We appreciate your business.

What makes Estes Park so special? May 23 2016, 0 Comments

We asked our Facebook friends the simple question, "What makes Estes Park so special?"  Their answers come from all over the world - young and old, male and female, locals and visitors.  In their own words, Estes Park is one of the most special places on earth...

Katherine Witt Estes Park is the ultimate vacation spot. Lots of memories are made here! With the beauty of the mountains, the variety of hikes, the great food and shopping, why would you go anywhere else!

Diane Severson Mountain scenery, shopping, wonderful places to dine. Great!

Lulie Melton I love my Estes friends, RMNP and shopping at Brownfields!

Josh Vondran Even though Estes is more than 1,200 miles from where I grew up, and even further from where I live now, it has always felt like home

Ashley Kingery Estes is so special to our family. It is our place. We return year after year to escape from our lives and spend time in the mountains. We can relax, explore, hike and horseback ride. There are shops and restaurants that we frequent and look forward to visiting each year. Brownfield's, Grub Steak and Antonio's Real New York Pizza are a few of those. RMNP is so beautiful and full of wild life. We can't get enough. The moment we drive down the canyon to head home is the moment the longing begins for next year's return trip. 

Patrick Trepp Estes is like my want to be home in the summer. To take photos that will show just what Gods country has to show us. Love the place.....

Jeff Goodro We are fortunate enough to live here. The scenery and community hold a special place in our hearts. There is no place we would rather be.

Sabrina Edgeman I have been coming to Estes for 33 years. My parents starting bringing us when I was 4 and now I'm taking my kids every summer too! They love it too! Hiking, rock climbing, fishing, wildlife, good food with beautiful scenery. For sure on my dream list for retirement! Hopefully sooner! wink emoticon

Jenni Marie Darnell Estes is ready for you!

David Hill Estes park is the most beautiful place I've ever seen and I spent years in the navy traveling the world my family and I love it there and it's our dream to one day move there

Ryan Rose Estes Park has become a yearly vacation for wife and her kids went for years and I have gone with them now for 3 or 4 years. We got married in Estes Park and love coming back to hike, shop at Brownfield's and eat at our favorite Poppy's Pizza.

Gina Shuler Paige Ready to head to heaven on earth....Estes Park, Colorado! See you soon!!

Leslie Henry Causer Estes is my synonym for Home. Year after year we have been vacationing here in this lovely mountain town. We started by renting a cabin, the same cabin year after year. We then began inviting friends to join us, we wanted them to enjoy the place we always enjoyed and talked about. Eventually, we decided to purchase a home here, and continue to invite our family and friends to share our beautiful area with us. This is our heaven on earth.

Khloe Murrell Estes Park is unlike any vacation spot. Not only unique in its location but also in its shopping, adventures, and local events. Year 'round traditions and a deep history in a young American town, Estes Park is the place to be!

Jody DiMauro Lidgett That's easy, it is my home! Although not there physically anymore except for visits, it will always be my heart and head home!

Kacy Thompson Estes Park. . . . holding good friends and wonderful memories.

Helen Matzke I always tell people that Estes Park is "God's country!" Surrounded by God's creation and amazing wildlife and of course great shops, like Brownfield's!

Lynn Reynolds Been going to Estes Park for family vacation for almost 40yrs. A year is not complete unless we touch bases with all our Colorado friends. Truely a family atmosphere . Filled with Love and very caring people. smile emoticon Beside the Blessing of all its beauty. Tis God country for sure.

Barb Davis I've been coming to Estes for over 50 years - "The mountains are calling and I must go. " John Muir

Rebecca Gill-Rose I have visited EP every year since my grade school years (that's a lot of years) and now my sons are doing the same. I can't tell you how many miles I've carried a boy in a carrier in my back! Every year we soak in all of that beauty, hike till we can hike no more, and then enjoy that beautiful sunsets. I love that fact that we are so close to nature and I feel my family is doing so is a place that cares about keeping that beauty. When I'm here I feel like there are no worries, there is no crime and this is how life is suppose to be.

Rebecca Gill-Rose I love it so much that we had to get married here too!

Julie Abel Rebecca - when you're ready I can help you out with that relocation.

Patti Jones Zeller The majesty of the mountains, the calm of the lakes, the amazing elk show, and the friendly and welcoming people there. Love to be in the Park and love to walk the town and visit the shops and restaurants! It's like coming home!

Amy Wilcynski It's home away from home. My grandparents found Estes Park on their honeymoon, took my mom and her brothers as they was growing up. Introduced it to my dad when my parents was dating. My parents then took my sister and I every year growing up and I have continued the tradition with my daughter. I introduced it to my husband for our honeymoon and continued the tradition with our daughter. I have been literally taking her since I was 7 months pregnant with her. Then she was 9 months, a year and at least once a year every year since and will continue.

Deborah Williams Estes Park is my Heaven here on earth, my place to get away from the hustle and bustle of this busy earth. To connect with earth's beauty and animals . To be around people that are friendly and speak to you and make you feel at home.

Dane Williams Where to start? The mountain setting. The cozy feel. The great restaurants. The wonderful people. The great mountain climate. All of those plus Brownfield's. And I'm sure there are more. Great lodging. Did I mention great restaurants. Oh, and don't forget Brownfield's. I think I already said that!!

Kay Byrn Jones Where do I begin? The beauty, shopping, food, elk, mountains, the Stanley and of course, Brownfield's! It is a perfect vacation for us!

Pat Avery Estes Park has to be one of my favorite places to visit. Love the view. Love the hikes. Favorite store? Brownfield's, No question.

Kristin Slauter It's my home away from home nestled in amongst my favorite mountains to hike in.⛰

Jennifer Lamprecht Estes Park is where I feel Gods presence. The beauty, splendor of the mountains and mostly the peace that comes in visiting this great location. I get lost in the quite beauty that surrounds me when I am there. And God put the most wonderful people here to maintain his creation and share the welcome feeling. I truly believe this is heaven on earth.

Megan Flatness I love Estes Park! I feel "at home" when I am there. The mountains, the driving, the hikes, the smell of nature....everything is perfect. My favorite store is your store....always has been! Have been out to Estes the last two summers...hope to travel there again real soon!

Nancy Hammack For me Estes is going home. As we make that last curve and 0 see the town nestled at the foot of the mountains, my heart always melts and mind says "Home at last"

Marcia Duell After more than 51 years here, whenever we leave and come back, we always look at each other as we come into town and say" Nothing else looked as good as Estes Park!" Hard to put into words, but the Good Lord really knew what he was doing when he created Estes Park!

Barbara Olsen Estes Park is the most beautiful place on earth!

Kristina Brader Vigneri Since visiting Estes Park for more than 35 years, it is the place to relax and reconnect with Family...and it feels like home when you drive through the canyon and see the town for the first time. Can't wait to be there next week!!

Beth Brader Kelly Totally agree!

Sara Sewall Huth I grew up in a small town and I love the small town feel. This is the first time we have lived in one place long enough to see the students I taught grow up. Many of the families are still good friends. I also love going to town, grocery store, etc. and seeing people I know.

Robin L. Wright Estes Park is BEAUTIFUL!!!! The mountains, the wildlife, the sunsets, the people, and all the memories I have of spending over 7 years of my life there! I love Estes Park!

Debbie Judkins Estes park has been our vacation spot since 1978. Made wonderful friends the Craig Duell and Shauna Edwards Duell. Sad I missed opening date. We were there may 14th.

Holly Moore Coming home. When you've been away, it just seems "right" when you see the mountains again, and realize you're almost home. Then when you come down the last hill into town (on any hwy), then you feel it. Yep. You're home.

Sherri Powell Gates I fell in love with Estes Park back in the late 50's when I was a kid and came out on vacations with my family. it was always the first place we thought of when trying to decide where to go. After I had my own family, we continued to come to Estes Park. Now, we live in Loveland and make frequent trips to Estes. To me, it has always felt like Heaven on earth. The beauty and the friendly people who live and work there. There is just no place else that even compares to what Estes has to offer!

Beth Stirn Vondran Estes Park has always been a favorite is our home away from home. What makes it special.....EVERYTHING! The awesome people, God's beautiful country, the peacefulness and majesty of the mountains are just a few. We always try new hikes and revisit some favorites each trip. Once we retire, it may just become our new home.

Vince Vigneri The peacefulness of the mountain backdrop. Looking forward to being there in 8 days, but who's counting!

Larry Hammack Every trip to Estes Park is "going home" for us. It is a beautiful town all nestled up in the beautiful mountains. Never could afford to live there, but we bought our land which will be our final resting place in the Estes Park cemetery.

Ashlee 'Gates' Sims Estes Park has always been paradise to me! Growing up, there was never a question to where we would go on vacation. Estes Park was always our chosen destination. My husband and our two kids are just as much in love with Estes as I am! Looking forward to coming out there this summer!!

Braden Gates Estes Park is a place of disbelief. I can never get tired of the scenery, mountains, and all the nature associated with Estes Park. The downtown feel and the great people who run them is just an additional great feature. I look forward to Brownfield's opening and triggering the start of the warm season next week!

Kathy Yenter Mountains are the greatest and Estes Park is a beautiful community so glad I came back.....???

Gaye Tillotson Estes Park is my heaven on earth smile emoticon Seeing God's creation so beautifully displayed refreshes me like nothing else. Thank you Don Priem and the Brownfield's team for giving us such an awesome place to shop!

Gina Coleman Estes Park has been our family vacation spot for years now!! We love it!! Bradshaw Cottages & Brownfields have been regular stops for many years!! Beautiful in all directions!!

Denise Haddick Berkshire It's hard to explain, but Estes Park give me a feeling of being at home! Whether it's waking up to a gorgeous sunrise over the mountains, drinking coffee by the riverside or hiking all
day in the park, seeing the beauty and majesty of God's creations are renewing to the soul ?

Amber Renee The spirit of Estes park makes it such a great place. The spirit consists of almost everything like all the elements, wildlife, the happiness of its people, all.

Trish Essex I've been coming out here since the mid-70's and just love the area, the people, Rocky Mountain National Park, and shopping at Brownfields before I head back to New England.  The elk, deer, Big Horn sheep, bears, badgers, coyote, bobcat and the other wild animals add to my joy when I'm here.

Carol Jensen-Roble My parents honeymooned in Estes Park in 1950 in the small cottages along the river. We began vacationing there in the 60's as a family staying at Anderson's Cabins! We went every year for Christmas until 1970 our parents surprised us telling us they bought a house and we were moving their in the Fall!! Ever since then, though life has taken me around the world, Estes Park will always be home in my heart. So many memories, working at Rexall Drugstore, the cleaners, the bakery, Circle Supers, and Brody's right next to Brownfields! Where I was blessed to met Don and remain friends!! Skiing, Hiking, snowshoeing, ice skating... My mom had a store Chesire Cat for many years, and it was so fun to visit and my Dad retired a few years back as an Accountant. I witnessed the Big Thompson floor, and that is when I truly learned what a beautiful community Estes Park was and continues to be!

Linda Medley Estes Park is my home. West side of our sweet town let's me see RMNP out my windows. Drive to Brownfield's is speedy. 

Shelley K Morgan I love Estes Park. We went there several time when I was growing up in the late 60's and early 70's. Very fond memories. I would like to visit and enjoy it again! The scenery is mesmerizing, along with the wildlife.

Lou Ann Morris Estes Park is one of the best place to be because of the beautiful mountains, friendly people, wonderful shopping and don't forget the only place that lets the Elk roam freely on the streets.

Melanie Humphrey What makes Estes Park so special? Look out your window!!! we are blessed

Kris Hazelton Estes Park is VERY special because we have gorgeous views, a great small town atmosphere with friendly people, lots of wildlife and RMNP is in our backyard!

Marcy Predmore The People and their strength, the "Awe" of the beauty around us...we are blessed to see it each day!!

Gail Albers It's hard to put Estes Park into words. I have been coming here since infancy, and knew when I was older that it would have to become my home! It's the view of the mountains every morning that make me smile, and it's the amazing community of people that make this little mountain community! I cannot imagine living anywhere else!

Elizabeth Wells The people. heart emoticon

Vince Brady I still feel 19 when I drive up the canyon and glimpse the many wonderful people and precious memories. Cindy McKee Brady

Jamie Brooks To me Estes Park is a magical get a way. I have been coming here for 30 years and each year my heart fills with joy at the Beauty of Nature, Wildlife, and amazing sights. Definitely a special place in my heart.

Shelley Doggett Estes is magic and miracles. And we have Brownfield's!??⛺️?

Ron McCleary Estes is a nice, mountain town surrounded with some of the best natural sights and great hiking trails anywhere.

Jennifer Pund We visit Estes Park all year round, from the winter snow peaked mountains that surround town to the abundant wild flowers in the Spring and perfect blue skies in the Summer to the cozy Autumn leaves gently falling, every season holds it's own magic. (oh and did i say the gift shops and yummy places to eat and drink? Yeah, LOVE them too!)

Cheryl Hammack Marne Estes is a little gem in the mountains!! Can't wait to go back! Could use some new shirts from Brownfields, they have the best quality!!

Jana N Ferren Gibson Love the beautiful mountain views in RMNP, the crisp mountain air, the wildlife, and the shopping in down town Estes Park!

Nate Augustine RMNP and the Wildlife. Plus the local businesses like Brownfields, Donut Haus, Rambos, etc etc

Beth Brader Kelly Love the scenery, RMNP, clean air.....and Brownfield's! smile emoticon

Suzanna Augustine Awesome place with beautiful scenery and animals. Brownfields is a great store!!

Donna L. Augustine Estes Park is the perfect getaway. Serenity, nature and beauty in RMNP. Fun for all ages in town!

Ryan Tauber Kind for all of your caffeine needs, Poppy's for all of your meals, and Brownfield's for all of your gifts! grin emoticon

Jeanette Butzin Love Brownfields and EP. My favorite spot in the whole world.

Leslie Wright The Stanley Hotel where The Shining was set!! Also, it's so cool the way the elk roam around!

Kacy Thompson It's a Colorado. . . . Rocky Mountain high!

Lynn Price Waring I like the people.

Linda Applegate Estes Park is where I was married and enjoyed mountain time with friends. I taught in Loveland.

Marlene Marie Borneman Estes Park is magical, mountains, meadows and most of all the Best people you will ever meet live here!

Brownfield's 60th Anniversary May 15 2016, 0 Comments

Since 1956, Brownfield's has created a brand new store every single year. We have begun the adventure of filling her back up with all new merchandise!  Follow us on Facebook as we "Build Brownfield's" in 2016. And, mark your calendars for opening night, Thursday, May 26th.  Online shopping will be available starting May 26th as well.

Thank you for your loyalty to our store for 60 years. And, a huge "thank you" to the awesome team of people that make Brownfield's what it is. This terrific team consists of vendors, staff, and customers. Brownfield's, an American Favorite since 1956.

RMNP #3 Most-Visited National Park February 18 2016, 0 Comments

In a top ten list released by the National Park Service, Rocky Mountain National Park was the third most-visited National Park. Rocky passed Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park to earn its number three position in 2015.

We are so pleased to have Rocky Mountain National Park as the dramatic backdrop to Estes Park!  Thanks to all who visited in 2015!  Remember, 2016 is the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary.  Come again or for the first time, and savor the scenery of this incredible park.

The full top ten list:

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park - 10,712,674
  2. Grand Canyon National Park - 5,520,736
  3. Rocky Mountain National Park - 4,155,916
  4. Yosemite National Park - 4,150,217
  5. Yellowstone National Park - 4,097,710
  6. Zion National Park - 3,648,846
  7. Olympic National Park - 3,263,761
  8. Grand Teton National Park - 3,149,921
  9. Acadia National Park - 2,811,184
  10. Glacier National Park - 2,366,056

Thankful. November 29 2015, 0 Comments

A sincere "thank you" to all of our customers for another wonderful season.  We appreciate you!  We will work very hard this winter to bring you an even better Brownfield's next year.  Many blessings this holiday season.  See you in the Spring of 2016!


Brownfield’s Celebrates the Centennial! August 10 2015, 0 Comments

Brownfield’s is celebrating the Centennial of Rocky Mountain National Park by hosting author and photographer, Jim Williams. Jim will be presenting in the Hondius Room at the Estes Park Library on Thursday, August 20th at 7pm. Brownfield’s will be giving away terrific door prizes and providing refreshments. The event is free of charge.

For 30 years, Jim & Pam Williams were teachers in Downers Grove School District in Illinois. For all of those years, Jim ran a humble photo business as a wilderness photographer. As a family, Jim, Pam, and their daughter, Meredith, traveled the country seeking adventures that were wild in nature and full of outdoor challenges.

After retirement, the travels continue, and one of the lifelong dreams has been realized. They have published a book. High Altitude Paradise, is a culmination of a 34 year vision quest to reach and photograph all the lakes (150+) tucked into the rugged mountain landscape of a Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. “The book is more than a portfolio of lakes,” says Jim about his publication. “It is a story of family. Of love and of loss. It is about the power of the wilderness to find peace and comfort in a challenging world.”

Packed in a beautiful, 10 x 10 Hardcover coffee table book, Jim has chosen 110 photographs along with image descriptors to add some background information for each image. Intertwined between chapters are 15 essays written in an attempt to explain why someone would spend a small lifetime climbing up and over mountains looking for large puddles of water.

All the profits from the book go to Jim and Pam’s late daughter’s “Meredith Williams Foundation” and to Rocky Mountain National Park. Please join us on August 20th to honor RMNP and Jim’s efforts.

Celebrate the Centennial of RMNP May 14 2015, 0 Comments

Rocky Mountain National Park
Centennial Celebration

For generations, Rocky Mountain National Park has inspired, delighted and amazed the guests who have entered into the park boundaries. In 2015, Estes Park will be joining Rocky Mountain National Park in celebrating their 100th anniversary with special events, educational series, live music and more. There is a lot to see and do this year, so we have compiled the top five ways to celebrate.


1. Enjoy Summer Events in the Rocky Mountains   

Elk Fest

It's considered a favorite season by many visitors, because as the sun warms the mountain valley, the trails become pathways to grand tundra views, aspen trees bud with bright green leaves and the village celebrates the season with fun events to honor the centennial of Rocky Mountain National Park!  Attend an official Centennial Event in Rocky Mountain National Park or Estes Park throughout the summer and fall. Plan a getaway during a signature summer event in Estes Park, a perfect complement to a weekend of play in Rocky Mountain National Park. Enjoy village atmosphere by dining fireside or shopping in the downtown stores and boutiques where you can pick up a variety of Rocky Mountain National Park centennial gifts for loved ones.    

2. Log 100 Miles 


Take the centennial challenge this year by hitting the trails and accumulating 100 miles of hiking on your favorite trails! Learn more about hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and get recommendations on trails to start your 100 mile adventure! Before setting out, read up on the Top 10 Tips for hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park to be prepared for packing, safety and fun along the way!   

3. Learn Something New 


Attend a Rocky Mountain National Park ranger-led program where you walk side by side with a park ranger while learning all about the environment around you. Take an educational class with the Rocky Mountain Conservancy, or try a rock climbing lesson on some of Estes Park's world class granite walls and boulders.

4. Bring the Family

Jr. RangerEveryone in the family can celebrate Rocky Mountain National Park's centennial, kiddos can become a Jr. Ranger, take fun educational classes and explore the kids and family activities in the village, ranging from mild to wild!

5. Cool Off by the Lakes 


Whether it is on foot or horseback, there are over 300 miles of trails to explore in Rocky Mountain National Park alone with many leading to some of the most pristine alpine lakes in the world! Try the family-friendly loop around Sprague Lake, the easy day hike to Mills Lake or the more challenging trek to Chasm Lake at the base of the famous Longs Peak! In the heart of the village of Estes Park, Lake Estes & the Lake Estes Marina offer great fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, boat rental and more! 

Visit the official Rocky Mountain National Park 100th Anniversary Celebration website for more information, events and activities: Wilderness, Wildlife, Wonder: Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, Inspire the Future. 
Information From Visit Estes Park

In all the world, there’s only one Estes Park! February 03 2014, 0 Comments

When I tell people I live in Estes Park, Colorado, the response is generally consistent. I hear comments such as, “You are so lucky” or “I love Estes Park” or “I wish I had a home in Estes Park.” There are no bragging rights in sharing this. It is truly a statement of blessing. For the almost 6,000 people who call Estes Park home, it is indeed a privilege. And, the over three million visitors who come to Estes Park each year know why it is such a blessing.

Estes Park is unlike any place else. It is a mountain village nestled at the base of the exquisite Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park’s backyard boasts of 355 miles of hiking trails and some of the most majestic scenery in America. It sits perched at a proud 7,522 feet above sea level. Estes Park is surrounded by massive peaks including the world class mountain known as Longs Peak, climbing to an incredible 14,259 feet. Forests fill the hillsides, wildlife abounds, and charm exudes from this Colorado country.

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are loaded with an array of opportunities for everyone. Whether you are by yourself, with your family, or with your spouse, there are plenty of things to do for people of all ages. Assortments of lodging facilities are available as well as numerous restaurants. The streets of Estes Park are lined with specialty shops and unique businesses always ready to welcome locals and visitors. The visitor’s center greets thousands of people each month and is eager to provide information to guests. A calendar of town events offers a myriad of activities, festivals, and celebrations throughout the year.

If you have not done so yet, please make plans to visit Estes Park in 2014. You won’t regret it. In all the world, there’s only one Estes Park!