Shipping Rates

Unfortunately, shipping prices have significantly increased.  We only charge you the amount the United States Postal Service charges for its flatrate service.  The priority postal service usually arrives within 2-3 days of shipment.  Our products themselves are very competitively priced, but there is nothing we can do to lower the shipping costs.  We do offer pick-up, so if you know anyone coming to Estes Park, you can certainly order online and have them pick-up in store.  

Type of Box Dollars Spent on Order Shipping Cost
Letter $0.01 USD - $3.00 USD $0.55 USD
Envelope $3.01 USD - $10.00 USD $5.00 USD
Priority Envelope $10.01 USD - $17.50 USD $8.95 USD
Medium Flatrate Box $17.51 USD - $50.00 USD $16.95 USD
Large Flatrate Box $50.01 USD - $100.00 USD $21.50 USD
Extra Large Box $100.01 USD - $200.00 USD $37.50 USD
Insured Shipping $200.01 USD - $1,200.00 USD $50.00 USD

*The shipping is based upon the dollar amount of the products purchased shown in the second column and what approximately fits in the sizes of boxes.  If we are able to fit your order in a smaller box, we will refund you the difference.