When "thank you" seems inadequate

When "thank you" seems inadequate

It was 9:55am on Saturday, November 2nd and the line of people wrapped all the way around the side of the building as chatting filled the air with eagerness for the doors to open.  Rummage Sale day always proves to be both encouraging and entertaining.  Our faithful supporters flood the store and carry armloads of merchandise out.  It is a joyous morning and truly a remarkable sight to see. 

Thinking back to days after the flood, I recalled surveying the damage as well as a store packed full of merchandise.  It was hard to imagine how all of the products would sell without the regular stream of autumn tourists.  Yet, as we stood together around 11am on Saturday morning, we were once again humbled by the incredible support we received over the previous six weeks.  The store was nearly empty!  Somehow thousands of people still came through our doors and eagerly shopped at Brownfield's.  Not only did the local people turn out in droves, but people from the Front Range made the painstakingly long drive to Estes Park to support our economy.  Beyond this, hundreds of people living outside the immediate area, shopped at our new online store.  We have truly been in awe of the outpouring of support for our business and this community.

A simple "thank you" seems inadequate as we close our 58th year in business.  Only in America do we see such a resolve to overcome and such a generosity to bless those in need.  To everyone who has shopped at Brownfield's over the years, and especially to those who made a determined effort after our recent flood, we sincerely thank you!  To God be the glory...

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