Moderate Hikes

Day Hikes are 5-10 miles round trip.

The hikes in this category are for those who can are acclimated or are in good athletic condition. Having a lunch or snacks is essential. These hikes are divided between Water and Trail hikes.


Bridal Veil Falls        (3.1 miles/1060 feet)
    The trail meanders next to Cow Creek before making the ascent to the falls. The falls is a beautiful plunging falls that drops nearly 20 feet and is best viewed in the spring with fresh snow melt.
Lake Isabelle
(2.1 miles/353 feet)
Blue Lake
(2.5 miles/830 feet)

This hike boarders the National Park and starts in Brainard Lake State Park. Because of the higher starting elevation, this hike usually has more summer snow and a later wildflower season, which is definitely worth the wait. This hike is a staff favorite.

(3.0 miles/990 feet)
Timberline Falls
(3.9 miles/1300 feet)
Lake of Glass
(4.2 miles/1640 feet)
Sky Pond
(4.9 miles/1710 feet)
This trail starts at either Glacier Gorge or Bear Lake trail head and passes Alberta Falls. After passing the Loch, the trail climbs next to Timberline Falls to the Lake of Glass, which on a calm day provides a perfect reflection of Taylor and Powell Peaks. The trail ends at a wonderful lunch spot with some friendly marmots at Sky Pond.
(2.8 miles/750 feet)
(3.1 miles/760 feet)
Black Lake
(4.9 miles/1140 feet)
This trail starts at either Glacier gorge or Bear Lake trail head and passes Alberta Falls.  Mills Lake is one of the most beautiful in the park as it sits below Longs Peak and the Keyboard of the Winds.  Just past Mills Lake lies Jewel Lake.  The hike up to Black Lake is long, but the view of the lake in the basin of scree is awesome. 
Chasm Lake
(4.2 miles/2360 feet)


This hike steadily climbs along the Longs Peak trail with wonderful views of this 14er.   After departing the Longs Peak trail, this passes through a beautiful field of Columbine before a short rock scramble lands at the lake. Bring the binoculars and catch some rock climbers on the Diamond.
Ouzel Falls
 2.7 miles/950 feet)
This hike begins at the Wild Basin trail head.  The trail passes Copeland Falls and Calypso Cascades.  Ouzel Falls is probably one of the most popular destinations in the Wild Basin area.  The falls provides a great lunch spot with a nice spray on a hot day.  




Bear Lake TH to
Fern Lake TH          

(8.9 miles/1130 feet)


This is a great hike that utilizes the park shuttle system or two cars. Starting at Bear Lake, the trail starts up Flattop Mountain and breaks off toward Lake Helene. The trail then descends to Odessa Lake, Fern Lake, and Fern Falls. The trail passes The Pool and Arch Rocks before emerging at the Fern Lake Trail Head.


(2.4 miles/1434 feet)
(3.0 miles/2049 feet
Ypsilon Mountain
(4.0 miles/2494 feet)


This series of peaks is often done as a preparatory hike for Longs Peak since most of the hiking is done above treeline. CCY, as it is referred to by locals, is accessed from the Fall River Road and therefore has a short hiking season.  

Cub Lake Loop
(6.0 miles round trip/540 feet)

This trail begins in Moraine Park and is a great hike at any time of year.  The trail heads through the forest along the Big Thompson River. The trail loops from Moraine Park to Cub Lake and back through The Pool and Arch Rocks.  

Deer Mountain
(3.0 miles/1083 feet):

View from Deer Mtn.
This hike has awesome views of the Continental Divide and a great first summit hike for kids.  Parking is limited and the trail is shared with horses. 

Flattop Mountain
(4.4 miles/2849 feet);
Hallett Peak
(5.1 miles/3263 feet):

The trail climbs from Bear Lake through the trees and passes overlooks for Dream Lake and Emerald Lake.  As the trail emerges above tree line, the views of the Estes Valley give way to both sides of the Continental Divide.  Hallett Peak is well worth the extra effort from Flattop Mountain. 

Twin Sisters
(3.7 miles/2338 feet):

This challenging summit has great views of Longs Peak and is one the few hikes big horn sheep have been seen along the trail.